Ajuntament de Faura



Originally it was a small fortress that defended the old Islamic farmhouse, an aspect that it preserved until it became a residential house in the 15th century. It maintains the original Gothic structure, although it later acquired the Renaissance style.

The entrance is by means of a wide portal with a semi-circular vault with long corbels of stone. The access leads to a rear courtyard, around which the rooms were distributed, a set of Gothic elements such as the staircase, the lowered ogival arch and the stone cistern have been preserved. This cistern has traditionally been used to supply the town. Another Gothic element is the semi-circular arched gallery on the platform.

The facade sports a noble coat of arms, that of the Vilarrasa family with five roses, which means that the building is considered to be of cultural interest in application of the Valencian Cultural Heritage Law.

At the southern end of the facade there was a tower, now gone, very similar to the Benavites tower .